I can’t believe it’s already been a year…

In Plain Sight

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At 3:20 on Monday afternoon, I was struggling through page 14 of a 20-page research paper when a notification from a German newsmagazine popped up on my phone. Expecting an update on the Eurozone crisis or the score from a soccer game, I was shocked by these words: “Explosion beim Boston-Marathon.” Minimizing my research paper, I pulled up a news website and felt my heart breaking. And with the rest of America, I watched in horror as nightmare became reality.

Barely a day has passed since the bombs ripped through Boston. The pain is fresh, the hurt still palpable. The search for the truth is just beginning, and many more days will pass before we know anything concrete. Answers will be slow in coming, and even when they do, they will likely be disappointing. Because no apprehension of a suspect or conviction of…

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